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purestone looking back, moving forwards

james smee

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purestone looking back, moving forwards

‚Äč2014: The year B2B gets all emotional? 
Stern words, evolution, consumerisation and bacon fat.

'Just where has the year gone?' will be the inevitable question banded about offices and marketing departments up and down the country between now and the end of the year.

And once the accompanying eye roll to this question has settled in its sockets I don't think anyone ever expects a genuine response, it's more of a hang it out there, introspective musing.

One of those rhetorical questions (like 'Why did I just do that?') that typically gets followed by some internal dialogue, stern words to the mirror and a promise to do things differently next year. How many actually follow through on this end of year self help? Not that many in my experience, a lot of B2B marketers will resume business as normal come mid Jan 2014 but can they afford to roll out more of the same? In short, no. If 2013 has been a year of transition and recovery, 2014 will be a year of step change and evolution and it will be the marketing teams that start to embrace this that will win out. So what leads me to this punchy viewpoint?

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