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Purestone launches Could it be Cloud micro-site for 2e2

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Purestone launches Could it be Cloud micro-site for 2e2

In today’s joined up digital economy, single layer e-campaigns simply don’t deliver the results. The returns from such campaigns have diminished as prospect expectations from any digital communication have increased – across all platforms including mobile.  

If we think of our own personal interactions with e-campaigns those that deliver specific, relevant information and deliver me to a heightened experience are much more likely to get me to engage with them. Ultimately the opening of an email should be the start of a customer engagement, not the completion of a campaign objective!

The Challenge

2e2 face a continuous challenge – an audience across many business sectors, different seniority and different business needs.  Layer that with an attitude that says ‘What can technology do for me’ and you have a tough communication challenge.  2e2’s objective was to generate 30 specific, qualified leads, interested in its ‘Cloud Computing’ proposition. 

The Strategy

Our strategy was simple  – create a personalised journey from email, through campaign micro-site, into User tool with a personalised post-campaign deliverable.

The Execution

Data was segmented ( and Content built ) by  :

  • vertical industry segments
  • job title
  • geographic region

A plain text e-campaign was highly personalised to include sector, business need and geographic specific content – ensuring the right type of content was consumed by the right audience.

Prospects were driven to a campaign microsite which personalised with specific organisation information, case studies, and business ‘needs’ references. The information architecture was designed  to lead prospects through a journey of content and into an engagement tool which showed how they could deliver organisational benefits/ change while as serving as a  data capture point for the Client. The final campaign tranche saw all participants receive an bespoke document which benchmarked their organisation against industry competitors and the entire audience.

The Result

  • 35% of recipients opened the campaign and 20% of total recipients responded to the CTA, entering the microsite.
  • In excess of 100 recipients fully engaged with the site, completing the engagement tool.
  • Follow up of this ‘warm engagement’ by internal Sales staff has identified in excess of £1.5m business.
  • In all, a truly integrated digital campaign which greatly enhanced the client brand values, exceeded ROI benchmarks and has delivered true value to the business.

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