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Consumer Writes...

simon butler

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Consumer Writes...

It was 60 years ago that Bill Haley & ‘rock ‘n’ roll’ music created a generation gap between young people and their parents. Today, the use of digital media is creating a new generation gap – the digital “divide” – not just in accessibility but in how the generations use those technologies.

The willingness to connect, and share, and ‘like’ enables brands to connect with consumers like never before – engaging in a true conversation. In this new world , there are very few physical or psychological barriers to trying new ways to do things, the Digital Generation epitomize the new mindset of the decade: digital media means everything is interconnected, anything goes, everything is available, and little is private. They are savvy, skilled shoppers, who place a high level of importance on individualism and personal involvement in the creation process. Helpfully, they are willing to share information and Brands must respond by providing members of the Digital Generation with the tools they need create or re-create content & products to suit themselves.

As the world continues to globalise and technology continues to evolve, the world for consumers will become more convenient than ever before in the history of retail. Technology will advance rapidly, customer service will be more convenient than instant coffee, personalisation will be instantaneous, and mobile marketing & commerce will find consumers wherever and whenever they desire. With social media marketing platforms marketers will capitalise on public information sprawled across Facebook, Twitter, other, as yet unknown platforms; brands will take consumer psychographics to the next level, knowing what we “like”, who our friends are, what we are thinking about, who we follow, where we go, and our daily consuming patterns. Utilising new tricks and combining it with traditional marketing promotion tactics such as: added value, cross sale, all inclusive promotions, ‘green’, health and lifestyle, convenience shopping, and now mobile location based services. Consumers no longer shop for products; brands will go shopping for consumers.

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